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ACTS Core 

Mission Statement :The members of the ACTS community will strive to assist members of the parish family to attain a deeper relationship with our Lord and with fellow parishioners through:

AdorationThe call, acceptance and response to God.

Community: Love and caring for each other as members of the body of Christ.

TheologyStudy of our faith.

Service: To God, each other and our parish family.

To achieve these goals there will be two major focus points.  

First, we will sponsor weekend lay retreats, which are patterned after the description of the early church in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 2: 42-47) The propose of the weekend is to invite the retreatant to a new relationship with our Lord and fellow parishioners through Adoration and daily prayer; through Community in one's parish as a member of the body of Christ; through Theology encouraging an intellectual and spiritual growth that gives fruits in our daily lives; and finally to encourage a spirit of Service to our Lord, our parish and each other.  Participants experience God's love and joy through the weekend, returning to their faith community with a deeper love for each other and increased desire to become more involved in their parish community.

Second, we will focus on spiritual development, service orientation and on-going community building among those who have attended ACTS retreats.  This mission is continued and enhanced by retreat reunions, scheduled gatherings of the ACTS community, prayer groups, evangelization, community service projects, and other faith enriching events.

The governing body of the ACTS community will be a group of men and women known as the ACTS Core.  As with all parish ministries, ACTS Core shall solicit the support of and be governed by the Pastor.  The greater good of the parish shall be the primary focus in activities of the Core and ACTS community.

The ACTS Core Members have all attended an Adult ACTS retreat, have served on a ACTS retreat, and have all displayed leadership qualities with a servant heart. Each member will serve a varied term from 1 to 4 years.



Mary Jo Liacos


Greg Sutton


Fr. Derek Borek

Financial Coordinator        

Elle Sclafani

Communication Coordinator

Janet O'Connor    

Joseph Gravini

Retreat Supply Coordinators   

Martha Ryan

Spiritual Coordinators   

Dawn Alves

Retreat Support Coordinators       

Tina Smith

David Haight

Events Coordinator              

Sheila McDaid

Non-Voting Members

Gary Nangle

Bill Scalise

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