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150th Jubilee

St. John the Baptist celebrates



Jubilee 150

Rekindle our Faith

The work of God's grace began when the parishioners of Saint John the Baptist gathered for Mass on Christmas, 1871.  Many years later, after Saint John's church, school, convent and rectory were built, God blessed us Catholics with new parishes of Saint Thomas, Saint Ann, Saint Adelaide and Our Lady of Fatima.  Over the last eight years God has brought Saint John's and Saint Thomas closer together. In this 150th year we will forge a deeper bond as an official collaborative in our Archdiocese.

The theme of our Jubilee is Rekindle the Fire!  Inspired by the words of our patron, St. John the Baptist, we realize that we have all been baptized  "with the Holy Spirit and fire." (Mt 3:11) The fire that animated generations of Catholics has grown weak. There are ways to rekindle it.

Open your heart, mind and hands to the gifts of our Jubilee Year. Let the Spirit rekindle our fire!




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Part 1: Cassidy/Bresnahan

Part 2:  Martin/Rivera/Valentin

Part 3: Harris/Brennan

Part 4: Gagnon Family

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