Religious Education

 Welcome Religious Education (G1-5) 

For information on G6-10 (Edge & Confirmation) please click here.


St. John’s Parish is a multi-cultural community offering Religious Education in English and Spanish languages. For the Spanish language programs, please contact Aida Vargas or Lucy Cortez at (978) 531-0002.

  • G1-5 Religious Education Director - Karen Hinton
    • 978.531.0002 (Sunday only is 978.826.7520)
  • G6-8 Edge Program Dawn Alves
    • 978.531.0224
  • G9-10 Confirmation Program - Jessica Keefe
    • 978.531.0002

At St. John’s ~ we recognize parents as the first teachers of their children in beliefs and practices of our Catholic Faith. Our Religious Education Program is designed to assist parents in their role as primary educators of their children. The program provides formal classroom instruction in the doctrines of our faith, and provides an environment which enables children to apply these teachings to their lives.Equally important to this instruction are our goals of helping children and families to worship, sharing and fostering community and motivating children to service. Parents’ participation in all aspects of our program is essential to its purpose and success. Children learn best by example. We ask that you give your children’s religious classes the importance they deserve. By working together, parish and family, our faith will fill the hearts of our children.


Registration is held each Spring on the last day of class. Please contact Karen for questions regarding G1-5.  Please contact Dawn for questions regarding G6-10.

Classes for the Grades 1 to 5 programs are offered in one session on Sunday mornings.  Session I 8:45 A.M. – 9:45 A.M.  There is a Family Mass at 10AM offered after Religious Education to celebrate worship with their family as part of the parish community.

Sacramental Preparation for Second Grade – This is a two year program beginning with first grade where children learn of God’s love. In the second year the children and families prepare for the sacrament of Reconciliation in January. The second half of the year is spent in preparing for First Eucharist to be celebrated in April and May. Meetings and retreats allow parents to be involved in helping their child know the meaning of these sacraments within their homes as well as within the classroom.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (adapted for children, RCIA) is offered to all seeking initiation into the Catholic Church or Sacramental Preparation beyond the traditional grade levels.

Please click here to print the G1-5 Religious Education Registration Form

Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact Karen Hinton if interested in volunteering for any position below:

  • Catechist: Teach the basic truths of faith according to the Archdiocesan Religious Education guidelines; involves preparing, teaching, attending Mass and participating in enrichment gatherings.
  • Substitute Catechist: Cover classes on Sunday morning when needed.
  • Student-Aides: Assist children with special learning needs in the classroom, under the guidance of the teacher.
  • Hall Monitor: Watch the hallways, lead children to and from the rest rooms, be available in case a teacher needs assistance.
  • Office Help: Answer phones, prepare mailings, by folding, stuffing, seal and stamp envelopes, help with attendance, make copies, etc.

All volunteers must complete a CORI Background Check and Complete a one-time Protecting Gods Children session.

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