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 Ordinary Time is the season of the Church year when Catholics are encouraged to grow and mature in daily expression of their faith outside the great seasons of celebration of Christmas and Easter and the great periods of penance of Advent and Lent. This is a time of conversion, maturation, and quiet growth. It comprises the longest time on the liturgical calendar when the faithful consider the fullness of Jesus’ teachings and miracles while on this earth.

As we have reflected on those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our Country, for our Freedom, this past Memorial Day, we face yet another test, as Americans, and as Catholics!

In 1973, the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade - the parameters of which are still being tested around the edges in the Courts and in public opinion. And yet Democrats and Republicans alike have, since 1976, agreed on one thing about abortion: that given this deep disagreement among our citizens, federal funds should not be used to pay for abortion. This agreement took the form of the Hyde Amendment which for 45 years has withheld US tax dollars from being spent to abort the unborn. Even today surveys indicate that a strong majority of Americans, including people of very diverse income and racial background, fully agree. This includes people who describe themselves as pro-life, and others as pro-choice. Tragically leaders of our country today, including Catholics, have succumbed to the pressure of those who want our country to espouse the cause of providing free abortions by eliminating the Hyde Amendment as part of federal funding. They believe that all Americans should be required to financially support what many of us strongly oppose.

You and we have a decision to make as persons, as Catholics, and most of all, as Americans. You can speak up or not. You can take responsibility as a citizen to shape the laws that define us as a country and as a society. Or you can choose not to. To take a stand for the Hyde Amendment and to oppose federal funds for abortion you can go online to and add your name to those who have taken this stand for human life.

We honor those who have courageously given their lives for us. Should we not also honor the lives of our brothers and sisters who have only us to speak and act for them?

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